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A Perfect Solution

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No, seriously Chryallis, Discord is totally and completely omniscient. He can actually change the very core of reality at will. He can literally change the definition of the word literally throughout all of time and space if he wanted to. Why would anyone in their right mind be so sure of themselves in your situation?

go on, say it. most people do.

It’s smaller on the outside.

There is a very serious issue I would like to discuss concerning a certain famous youtuber by the name of PaperBat. Personally, I like the videos this guy makes, there good fun to watch, but his attitude towards “haters” is completely out of control. He bans people left and right, even if they didn’t do anything serious (and in some cases people are banned before they even know his channel exists.)

I’m not posting this out of spite, or because I hold a grudge. It’s because I legitimately like this guy and his videos, and I’d like to show him the error of his ways so he can improve and develop a better attitude towards his fans.

You can’t just ban people left and right, especially when you’ve decided that banning might be permanent. The internet has a tendency to make people act five (or more) years younger then they are, so you need to give people the benefit of the doubt. Just tell them to be nicer, without causing a scene, and maybe they’ll listen. If they continue to act wrongly, you give them a warning. Only when they absolutley refuse to behave do you ban them. It’s basic dissaplin. You don’t give a kid the belt every single time they steal from the cookie jar, you have to sit down and talk with them about why the shouldn’t steal.

It’s also very important that people know why they get banned when you ban them. If they don’t know what they did wrong, they can’t learn from their actions.

I know Pbat likes to livestream occasionally (and man do I love livestreams), and being a reasonable, rule abiding human being, I of course took a look at the rules of the stream so I don’t cause trouble. However, these rules bring up a few issues which I would like to talk about. (I wrote this under the assumption that anyone who disobeys these rules gets banned. If this is not the case, please don’t get upset over it.)

Stream Rules

1. Be Respectful.

a. Do not cause a Scene.
-Pbat has occasionally broken this rule a few times. When encountering a “hater”, he’ll retaliate using insults. As clever as his wordplay might be, it’s not nice to act this way towards people.

b. Do not verbally attack another champ or champette.
-Another rule he has managed to break. Pbat seems to believe that a large number of his fans actualy hate him, and when they (most of the time accidentily) say something he finds insulting, he’ll once again retaliate with insults, not realising that he has verbally assaulted one of his fans.

c. Do not argue with the moderators.
-A fairly reasonable rule. One should never argue with a moderator if they’re smart. However, some people’s ideas of arguing are different to others. You should pick your mods wisely, an unprovokable mod is an effective mod. You should also refuse the right to moderate to anyone who may act fanatical, as these sorts of people have impaired judgement and may not be the best for the job.

d. Do not vent after timeout is over.
-It’s true that people can get angry, and a good timeout is a nice way to calm down. This doesn’t work for everyone though, and getting a timeout may just make them more angry. Instead of banning people, just give them another timeout and eventually they’ll calm down (emphasis on “eventually.”)

2. Do Not Distract The Stream.

a. Do not posts links period.
-Some links are good, some are very bad. This is something people learn within their first weeks on the internet. But getting upset with people who post any kind of link is not okay. Some people just want to be helpfull by posting an easy shortcut to another sight, and that’s fine. You need to distinguish between the good and bad links before you act.

b. Do not start conversations that are not stream related.
-It would be far more reasonable just tell people not to venture to off-topic. People tend to have trains-of-thought that are a bit off the rails (see what I did there?) and forcing it onto the rails makes people uncomfortable.

c. This is a stream with a specific subject, the host and the game being played.
-This rule feels a bit redundent. It’s just a more specific version of the last one, and you might have been better of mergin it into one rule. But it does bring an oppurtunity for referancing Fightclub.

3. No Backseat Gaming.

a. Do not tell me how to play.
-Backseat gamers are annoying, but there’s a difference between them, and people who just want to give you a few tips and secrets.

b. Do not tell me what to play.
-Certainley people shoulds let you play what you want, but remember that some people might just be suggesting a game for you because they think you’ll enjoy it.

c. League of Legends: Most games I play are ranked and I cannot choose champions at random. This is a team game and we must choose champions that work well together.

4. Do Not Spam.

a. Do not spam the same text quickly.

b. Do not use Twitch faces I consider them Spam.
-I’m not entirely sure what “twitch faces” are, but they sound like some form of emoticon. Emoticons are an important way of speaking on the internet. When you can only speak using text, it’s hard to tell what people may mean. One angry face or sad face can make a huge difference. It may just be his banning of “twitch faces” that has caused Pbat to mistake simple comments from his fans as forms of agression.

c. Spamming is also considered asking the same thing or stating the same thing over and over in a longer period of time.

d. Repeating the same thing that someone else said is considered spam as spam is not defined by the person but by the volume or repetition.

5. Do Not Talk In All or Majority Caps This is Considered Yelling and is Obnoxious.

6. If You Do Not Like The Stream You Are Not Forced To Stay, So Leave. Also, We Do Not Care Why You Dislike It and That Means You Don’t Need To Announce It.
-If people don’t like something about the stream, then atleast give them a chance to say why. A little constructive criticism can’t hurt now and then.

7. I Am Exempt From The Rules Period. Do Not Post That I Broke Them or Should Be Banned. I Can Also Ban or Timeout For Any Reason At All.
-I’m really really really uncomfortable with this one. Saying you have immunity to the rules shows that you disregard their actual meaning and purpose. One should at least try to follow the rules they set, unless they go so low as to fall to the philosophy of “Do as I say, don’t do as I do.” One of the many presidents of the United States believed he was exempt from the law because he made laws, but if you check the history books, you’ll know how well that turned out.

It is also a horrible abuse of power to say you can ban anyone for any reason, no matter how trivial. Again another sign that might cause people to believe you don’t actually stand for the rules you set. In most fictional distopian societies, people are killed or imprisoned whenever they have any objection to the law.

This last rule makes it look almost as if you’ve gone mad with power, and you do what you wish and silence anyone who doesn’t like it. I’m not saying this is the case, but I am saying this is what it looks like.

And please Pbat, don’t get mad at me for writing this. I hold no quarrel with you, but many other once loyal fans do, and I want to end this arguement in a peacefully way. No banning, just a nice discussion on how you could improve your policies.

Well, I’m sleep deprived, so my judgement is currently greatly impared. Better do what she says!


i didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway

Hold on…What holds the image of an angel becomes an angel right? So…Yeah, I’m screwed.



i didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway

Hold on…

What holds the image of an angel becomes an angel right? So…

Yeah, I’m screwed.

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

Have a good day me hearties! I’m off to confuse people with me brilliant pirate accent!






There I am, riding the bus, just minding my own business an-

When you see it.

*inhuman screeching*

Me: I don’t see it….what? Slenderman?….No…That plane thing? No. What the-….Jjjjeeeeeeeesusssss.








There I am, riding the bus, just minding my own business an-


When you see it.

*inhuman screeching*

Me: I don’t see it….what? Slenderman?….No…That plane thing? No. What the-….Jjjjeeeeeeeesusssss.










Thank you Rachet & Clank

When I was just six years old, my father got a PS2. He rented a game from the nearby Blockbuster. That game of course was Ratchet & Clank, the game that will forever define my idea of a great platformer.

At the age of six, anything seems like its good. But looking back now, I see just how wonderful that game was. The little robot and his furry freind had forever become a part of my life on the day I played that game. I remember I always drew pictures of Ratchet’s omniwrench. Seriosly, it was Ratchet & Clank non-stop with me.

If I hadn’t played that game, I wouldn’t be the same person I am today. So thank you so much Insomniac Games. You don’t realize it, but you had a part in raising me up to be what I am now.

I watched this, and I’m already filled with anticipation. Insomniac makes wonderful games, so I doubt this will be any exception.

My brilliant mind is already contemplating who the villain is. I’m hoping for Chairman Drek.

Also, the game has Giant Clank.